Latest News Coverage from the Campaign Trail

The Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign last week officially launched with the help of Dan Diaz and many other supporters of the campaign. More and more Coloradans are sharing their very personal stories about what end-of-life options mean in their families and communities. Many say that no one should have the right to make these … READ MORE

My Mother Was Strong, Beautiful and Brave

By Leigh Suskin My mother was incredibly strong, beautiful and brave. Diagnosed with terminal illness—Multiple System Atrophy—she was determined to live each day to the fullest, even as the definition of “fullest” continued to narrow and restrict. The disease causes motor and autonomic dysfunction—within a year of diagnosis, my mother went from independent, to the … READ MORE

Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options Campaign Launches in Denver

Colorado residents discuss personal choice for terminally ill Denver – The Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign today officially launched, as volunteers are gathering signatures to get the measure on the November ballot. The measure would allow terminally ill, mentally capable adults who are Colorado residents access to a prescription for medication that would allow them … READ MORE

Dan Diaz Speaks at the Campaign Launch

Dan Diaz, husband of Brittany Maynard and end-of-life options advocate, spoke at the Colorado State Capitol on June 21st in support of the Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign. Listen to his remarks here: … READ MORE

Julie Selsberg Speaks at the Campaign Launch

In support of Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options, Julie Selsberg shares the story of her father Charles Selsberg’s passing and his advocacy late in life for Coloradans to have the option for medical aid in dying. Listen to her remarks here:   … READ MORE

Five Cancers Must be Worth Something

By: Joellyn Duesberry Statement prepared for Colorado House and Senate I am here to support the End of Life Options Act because it could change my living on “borrowed time” as well as my dying. At age 71, I have received a terminal diagnosis of incurable and inoperable pancreatic cancer. It is my FIFTH CANCER, the other four having … READ MORE

My Dying Wish for Other Dying Adults

By: Miguel Carrasquillo This piece was originally published in El Diario. By the time you read this piece, I will be dead. But unlike Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer who inspired the passage of California’s new End of Life Option Act, I am unlikely to die peacefully from my brain tumor as … READ MORE


By: Jessica Grennan Welcome to the website for the Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options Act campaign. I hope you will continue to check back for updates about this vital initiative. Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options is a citizen-led campaign advocating for a ballot initiative that would expand our state’s end-of-life options to include medical aid … READ MORE