My Own Decision Making – All My Life

By Dr. Seth Morgan This op-ed originally appeared on on July 24, 2016 I still remember the call from my parents telling me of my grandmother’s horrific illness. While visiting them in Europe, my grandmother had a heart attack so severe that she was chronically short of breath and could not lie flat to sleep. Medications … READ MORE

Miguel Made a Difference

My name is Nilsa Centeno, and Miguel Carrasquillo was my son. Miguel reached out to tell his story after hearing about Brittany Maynard. They had a similar diagnosis, and he was inspired to join her in helping all terminally ill people have access to medical aid in dying. The next thing I knew, I was … READ MORE

Aid in Dying Supports the Basic Human Rights to Dignity and Self-Control

By Andrea Maikovich-Fong, PhD, ABPP   As a cancer psychologist I believe deeply in the power of candid dialogue, the courageous type that comes from leaning into, not turning away from, what is uncomfortable or difficult to discuss. So let’s start an uncomfortable conversation by stating a difficult truth. The human body has the potential to experience … READ MORE

I Collect Signatures in Memory of My Brother

By Tom Wiegand Life, with all of its twists and turns, ups and downs, is a magnificent experience. Isn’t it? In particular, I enjoy the beginnings to the experience of things; like seeing the first successful and not so successful, walks of my grandson. Reflecting back on my daughter’s new beginnings with each and every … READ MORE

We Owe This Option to the People We Love

By Melissa Hollis Brenkert In honor and in memory of my sister, Leslie Hollis, I would like to share the following. As some of you may know, I have spent time over the last few months in support of “end-of-life options” or “death with dignity” measures here in Colorado. I have testified in front of … READ MORE

Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options Campaign Continues to Gain Support

Since we officially launched our campaign last month, momentum keeps growing as more Coloradans learn about the End-of-Life Options Act in Colorado and what it would mean for terminally ill adults. Volunteers are not only collecting signatures to get the End-of-Life Options measure on the ballot, they are hearing deeply personal stories from Coloradans who … READ MORE

Joellyn Duesberry Tells Her Story: Five Cancers Must Be Worth Something

Joellyn Duesberry recorded this testimony in February in support of the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act, which at the time was in the Colorado legislature. Joellyn has been diagnosed with her fifth cancer, this time pancreatic cancer, and is determined to make a positive difference for other terminally ill individuals in Colorado. Joellyn Duesberry is a renowned … READ MORE