We Want End-of-Life Options in Our Home State

By Kendall L Peterson My mom is one of the strongest, fiercest people I know. She grew up in Wyoming, was Homecoming Queen and comes from tough German stock from Kansas. She got it from her dad, Max, who was QB for the Kansas Jayhawks back in the day, a geologist who traveled all over … READ MORE

The End-of-Life Option Brings a Sense of Freedom to Terminally Ill People

By Pamela M. Kircher, MD During my years as a hospice doctor, I often wished that we had an end-of-life option in our state, if only to relieve so many patients of the fear and anxiety during end-of-life care. For most people with a terminal illness, hospice and palliative care are the right fit. But sometimes … READ MORE

I Have a Disability and I Support End-of-Life Options

By Aliyah Alexander I am a 62 year old disabled mother and grandmother; diagnosed at 52 with progressive multiple sclerosis. A competitive athlete my whole life, I can no longer move from the neck down leaving me completely dependent on caregivers for survival. Despite being bedridden I have adapted to living a regenerative life with … READ MORE

Terminally Ill Coloradans Deserve the Option of a Peaceful Death

By Julie Selsberg This article originally appeared in the Denver Post on August 18th.  My dad, Charles Selsberg, was diagnosed with ALS after experiencing a rapid decline in his ability to breathe, swallow and walk for more than a year and a half. As his body hurtled toward complete atrophy, he repeatedly said he was … READ MORE

Patty’s Choice

By Juanita Ramsey-Jevne Thanks to the Death With Dignity Act passed by Washington State citizens in 2008, my mother-in-law was able to meet her death on her own terms. At age 91, she was diagnosed with metastic cancer with less than six months to live. From the diagnosis to the final moment when she raised … READ MORE

IT’S OFFICIAL: CO End-of-Life Options on November ballot

Colorado residents will vote to give terminally ill adults control over their own health care decisions Denver – The Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign today was notified that Coloradans will be able to vote for the measure on their November ballots. The measure will allow terminally ill, mentally capable adults who are Colorado residents … READ MORE

Faith, Culture and Family

By Sandy Carpio I am Hispanic and I am Catholic.  It is because of my faith, my culture and my family that I believe End-of-Life Options is something we need in Colorado – and that we cannot wait. Before my dad passed away, I remember him saying, “Why doesn’t God remember me and take me? … READ MORE

I’m a Christian With Stage IV Cancer. I Want Death With Dignity.

By Corinne Johns-Treat This article originally appeared on Time.com on August 10, 2016. A devout Christian explains her decision in the context of her faith I’ve had cancer now for four years. I was diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer in 2012. It was a surprise to my family and to myself. I don’t smoke. I exercised … READ MORE