Governor Hickenlooper Latest Proposition 106 Supporter

Colorado governor joins a growing list of Coloradans and organizations supporting Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options Act Denver – The Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign today won the support of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. He joins former Republican State Senator Greg Brophy, Representative Lois Court, Denver Medical Society, Boulder Medical Society, Pueblo Medical Society, … READ MORE

Freedom in Our Final Days

By Cary Kennedy My father-in-law has been an oncologist for more than fifty years, specializing in the treatment of breast cancer. He has witnessed remarkable progress in the prevention and treatment of a once untreatable disease. He has also witnessed the immeasurable suffering of thousands of women in late stages of the disease, past the … READ MORE

Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options is on TV

By Dan Diaz Today, the Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign is airing its first TV ad featuring my wife, Brittany Maynard. I want to be the first to show it to you. Brittany loved life, and she lived everyday laughing, exploring and appreciating her family and community. After doctors told her that she had … READ MORE

Proposition 106 Launches First TV Ad

Ad features Brittany Maynard who moved from California to Oregon to access aid in dying medication and avoid extreme suffering at the end of her life Denver – The Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign today will start airing its first television ad to help educate Colorado voters about Proposition 106. The measure will allow … READ MORE

What is Prop 106 and What is it Not?

By Matt Larson This op-ed originally appeared in The Denver Post on September 22, 2016. I am a Colorado native who was diagnosed with brain cancer in the spring of 2015, at the age of 35. In November, I and other Colorado voters will have the opportunity to vote for Proposition 106, which would legalize the … READ MORE

For All Coloradoans to Consider

By Charles Hamlin, MD Before our citizens on the November 8th ballot this year is the well thought out and crafted initiative, Prop 106, the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act, which would permit personal choice as death is near for adults of sound mind. The initiative does not change our Constitution; rather it amends our health care … READ MORE

Colorado Medical Society Drops Opposition to End-of-Life Options

By Steve Sherick, MD For decades, the Colorado Medical Society has opposed legislation to protect physicians from criminal prosecution for providing terminally ill adults with the option of medical aid in dying. Last night, they dropped their opposition. As President of the Denver Medical Society, I know how significant of a step this is toward … READ MORE

Dying with Dignity

In March of 2015, Vern Gearhard passed away after choosing Oregon’s Death with Dignity law. The moving story of Vern’s passing is told by his wife Fran, and the video was produced and shared by the Herald and News in Klamath Falls, Oregon. “It was just as beautiful as he hoped it would be… I can’t … READ MORE

Two Women Who Inspire My Work: Joly & Avril

By Amy Hetzler Working on the Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign is so much more than work for me. It’s love, passion, and people. Avril Anjers I met Avril Anjers last fall in Colorado Springs at the Compassion & Choices Day of Action – the statewide call to advocates to help with the 2016 … READ MORE

Take the Government Out of End-of-Life Decisions

By Stephanie Cegielski I was just a teenager when I first understood what it meant to watch a loved one suffer due to a terminal illness, with no hope of recovery – only a promise for more suffering. I sat through many dinners watching tears well up in my grandfather’s eyes as he tried to understand … READ MORE