Prop 106 Approved by Colorado Voters 65-35

Now that all the votes have been tallied, we are pleased and grateful for the historic results we are seeing. Prop 106 won more than 75% of counties across the state of Colorado. From El Paso County to Boulder County, a strong majority of Colorado voters united across party lines and all demographics to demand … READ MORE

Viewpoint: Another View on Prop 106, the Colorado “End-of-Life” Proposal

By Eric Sondermann This article was originally published in the Denver Business Journal on October 28, 2016. As a moderator of the “Colorado Decides” debate series on Colorado Public Television-12, I try to take an objective, down-the-middle view, approaching the debate on each and every ballot issue in a fair and balanced manner. That was … READ MORE

Letter: Local Doctor Endorses Prop 106

By Dr. Cory Carroll This letter to the editor was originally published in The Coloradoan on October 21, 2016. Last year a patient of mine ended his life with a gunshot to the head. He was in his late 80’s, legally blind and suffering from spinal stenosis that caused severe pain and limited walking to … READ MORE

Why You Should Vote Yes for Proposition 106, Regarding End-of-Life Options

By Michael Roberts This interview originally appeared in Westword on October 20, 2016. Editor’s note: As part of our continuing election coverage, we’re taking a closer look at amendments and propositions that will be on the Colorado ballot in November. Today we examine Proposition 106 by way of an interview with a spokeswoman for the … READ MORE

ACLU of Colorado Supports Aid in Dying

By Nathan Woodliff-Stanley This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post on October 17, 2016.  This year, Colorado voters will be asked to either support or reject Proposition 106, the Colorado “End-of-Life Options Act.” After “Aid in Dying” bills were introduced three times in the Colorado legislature without success, enough signatures were gathered to put … READ MORE

Four Responses to The Denver Post’s Editorial Against Prop 106

I am astonished that the Post is opposing Prop 106 when in December of 2014 it endorsed a nearly identical medical aid in dying bill writing: “Those facing situations like the one Charles Selsberg endured should have a reliable and peaceful way to end their lives if and when they want.” This change is perplexing … READ MORE

Aid In Dying Doesn’t Increase Death, It Reduces Suffering

By David R. Grube, MD This op-ed originally appeared in The Denver Post on October 13, 2016. Re: “No on Proposition 106: Aid-in-dying measure lacks proper safeguards,” Oct. 11 endorsement. I practiced family medicine in a small town in Oregon for 35 years, retiring in 2012. I cared for many terminally ill patients, and when … READ MORE

Support Prop 106 for Terminally Ill People in Our Communities

By Rudy Gonzales Since the 1970s, I have been fighting for social justice on behalf of people of color in Denver, the state of Colorado, and beyond. Expanding rights and freedoms for populations in dire need has been the hallmark of my career, and our hard fought victories are my greatest source of pride. However, … READ MORE

Why should terminal patients have to leave Colorado to seek a peaceful death?

By Dottie Lamm This op-ed originally appeared in the Denver Post on 10/8/2016. Patti James, an 80-year-old retired nurse from Littleton with stage 4 lung cancer, recently told me, “I am living with cancer. Having the option of medical aid in dying would provide me with tremendous peace of mind.” If the Colorado End-of-Life Options … READ MORE

When My Time Comes, I Want the Option of an Assisted Death

By Desmond Tutu This op-ed originally appeared in the Washington Post on October 6, 2016. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have spent my time working for dignity for the living. I have campaigned passionately for people in my country and the world over to have their God-given rights. I have been fortunate … READ MORE