Doctors for Colorado End-of-Life Options is a coalition in support of authorizing medical aid in dying in Colorado. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to join.

Modeled after Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act will allow terminally ill, mentally capable Colorado adults to ask for and receive medication they may self-administer for a peaceful death should their suffering become unbearable.dctor symbol

● Aid in dying is patient-directed care. Individuals must be able to make their own healthcare decisions and must self-administer the medication.

● Aid in dying is a well-established medical practice, with clinical criteria published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Palliative Medicine.

● Thirty years of data from five states demonstrates that the law is working as designed with no evidence of misuse.

● Aid in dying is one component in end-of- life care, not an alternative to hospice or palliative medicine.

● Leading state and national organizations such as the American Public Health Association, the American Medical Women’s Association and the California Medical Society have withdrawn opposition to aid in dying. Others are re-evaluating their decades-old positions in light of twenty years of accumulated data that supports the efficacy of medical aid in dying laws. The Denver and Boulder Medical Societies now endorse Prop 106, and the Board of the Colorado Medical Society recently voted to drop their opposition to Prop 106 and take a neutral public stance on aid in dying.

In the opinion of Doctors for Colorado End-of-Life Options, patients should have access to the full range of end-of-life choices, including aid in dying. As physicians, Doctors for Colorado End-of-Life Options believes its sacred promise is to respect autonomy and relieve suffering. Aid in dying is consistent with these values.