Leslie Herod’s Story: “I Honor Dennis by Advocating for Prop 106”


“Dennis and I met at a fundraiser. He came right up to me, being the guy that he was, and said, ‘Who are you, and how can I help you with your career?’ He eventually became my best friend.

“Dennis and I would always get together on Valentine’s Day, for Valentine’s lunch. That year he didn’t show up. And we found him in his home. He had not passed yet, but he was on his way. He had been battling cancer for over a decade. I remember him talking about not being able to sleep, having drug interactions and waking up on his lawn. It just wasn’t Dennis.

“When he began a decline we had a lot of conversations about what he was going to do. He wanted to make the decision for himself. He wanted to go on his own terms, at his own home, with his friends and family around him.

“You should be able to live with dignity and you should be able to die with dignity. It’s a really important issue that so many of our families face. Dennis is the reason I’m here today, and I choose to honor him by fighting for this issue. I know he’s right beside me fighting too.”