Prop 106 Approved by Colorado Voters 65-35

Now that all the votes have been tallied, we are pleased and grateful for the historic results we are seeing. Prop 106 won more than 75% of counties across the state of Colorado. From El Paso County to Boulder County, a strong majority of Colorado voters united across party lines and all demographics to demand … READ MORE

Coloradans Overwhelmingly Approve End-of-Life Options

Supporters of Prop 106 react to election results Denver – Coloradans overwhelmingly approved end-of-life options for terminally ill adults. Proposition 106 was modeled after Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act and will allow terminally ill, mentally capable adults who are Colorado residents access to medication that would allow them to shorten the dying process if suffering … READ MORE

In Memory of Leslie Ann Hollis, December 15, 1978 – November 2, 2014

By Melissa Hollis Brenkert Losing someone you love deeply, long before her time, is an inexplicable pain. But losing my sister in the long, drawn-out, excruciatingly painful way that she died added a layer to my grief that has been unbearable. It was a sadness so strong that I tried to keep it pushed out … READ MORE

Leslie Herod’s Story: “I Honor Dennis by Advocating for Prop 106”

Transcript: “Dennis and I met at a fundraiser. He came right up to me, being the guy that he was, and said, ‘Who are you, and how can I help you with your career?’ He eventually became my best friend. “Dennis and I would always get together on Valentine’s Day, for Valentine’s lunch. That year … READ MORE

Dr. David Hibbard: Strong Protections Are One More Reason to Vote Yes

Watch Dr. Hibbard’s interview on The Denver Channel. Transcript: “The people of Colorado are considering initiative 106, which allows terminally ill adults with less than six months to live to make end-of-life decisions without government interference. “106 has strong protections against abuse. That’s why the Denver Medical Society endorses 106. 106 makes it it a … READ MORE

Viewpoint: Another View on Prop 106, the Colorado “End-of-Life” Proposal

By Eric Sondermann This article was originally published in the Denver Business Journal on October 28, 2016. As a moderator of the “Colorado Decides” debate series on Colorado Public Television-12, I try to take an objective, down-the-middle view, approaching the debate on each and every ballot issue in a fair and balanced manner. That was … READ MORE

Proposition 106 Would Bring Me Peace, Comfort as I Fight Cancer

By Megan Igel My name is Megan Igel. I have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family. My life centers on my immediate family: Aaron (42), Meg (41), Hazel (11), Ruby (8), and our dog, Jethro. Aaron is a firefighter; I am a geriatric physician assistant. We have committed our professional lives to helping … READ MORE

Christine Alonzo’s Story

Transcript: “He was a good man. He was funny. He used to call me ‘hijita’. In Spanish, hijita means ‘my child.’ “My uncle and I were very close. He had liver cancer, and he had six months to live. He didn’t want to be remembered as somebody that wasn’t happy, that was in constant pain. “The conversations … READ MORE

Medical Aid in Dying is Not Suicide – Yes on Prop 106

By Julia Garland I am 45 years old and have been battling ovarian cancer for almost 3 years. My family has a gene mutation, and I lost my aunt and grandmother to ovarian cancer. I also lost my father to cancer from this same mutation just two years ago. My chances of survival are slim. … READ MORE

Safeguards are Built into Proposition 106

By Raymond Hockedy This letter to the editor originally appeared in The Longmont Times-Call on October 26, 2016. With blessings and luck, many of us live long and happy lives, but all good things come to an end. Most of us hope for a peaceful passing without pain and undue suffering. In many cases this … READ MORE