I Have ALS; When My Time Comes, I Deserve to Die With Dignity

By Pierre Lescure This letter to the editor was originally published in The Denver Post on October 26, 2016. I am 50 years old. I have lived with ALS for nearly five years. My wife and I moved to Salida in 2008 to live in the mountains and to pursue our passion for the outdoors. … READ MORE

Dr. Cory Carroll – Prop 106’s Patient Protections

Read Dr. Carroll’s letter to the editor in The Coloradoan. Transcript: “The people of Colorado are considering initiative 106, which allows terminally ill adults with less than six months to live to make end-of-life decisions without government interference. “106 has strong protections against abuse. That’s why the Denver Medical Society endorses 106. 106 makes it … READ MORE

Millennials: End-of-Life Options Matter, Vote Yes on Prop 106

By Lizzy Stephan I’m proud to serve as the Executive Director of New Era Colorado, an organization that for the last decade has engaged, educated, and trained a new generation of active citizens in Colorado. We’ve taken on many issues over the years, including clean energy, fair and accessible elections, equal rights, education, and the … READ MORE

I am a Quadriplegic and I Support Prop 106

By Jennifer Remington My name is Jennifer Remington, and I’m a Coloradan living with a disability. I am writing today to urge my fellow citizens to vote yes on Prop 106, and to clarify a few things about the disability rights community and medical aid in dying. There is absolutely no consensus within the disability … READ MORE

Letter: Local Doctor Endorses Prop 106

By Dr. Cory Carroll This letter to the editor was originally published in The Coloradoan on October 21, 2016. Last year a patient of mine ended his life with a gunshot to the head. He was in his late 80’s, legally blind and suffering from spinal stenosis that caused severe pain and limited walking to … READ MORE

Why You Should Vote Yes for Proposition 106, Regarding End-of-Life Options

By Michael Roberts This interview originally appeared in Westword on October 20, 2016. Editor’s note: As part of our continuing election coverage, we’re taking a closer look at amendments and propositions that will be on the Colorado ballot in November. Today we examine Proposition 106 by way of an interview with a spokeswoman for the … READ MORE

Patti James’ Story

Patti James is a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, a registered nurse, and now, a stage four lung cancer patient. Watch Patti’s short video address, thanking our volunteers during our Week of Action, and all of the Coloradans who plan to vote YES on Prop 106. “I’m Patti James. I’m a registered nurse, now retired, … READ MORE

ACLU of Colorado Supports Aid in Dying

By Nathan Woodliff-Stanley This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post on October 17, 2016.  This year, Colorado voters will be asked to either support or reject Proposition 106, the Colorado “End-of-Life Options Act.” After “Aid in Dying” bills were introduced three times in the Colorado legislature without success, enough signatures were gathered to put … READ MORE