Other Diseases As Worse As Cancer

Homo Sapiens today are susceptible to varied types of diseases. Thanks to our daily habits, genes, the surrounding one is exposed to, five out of ten of the world’s population is suffering or fighting against a disease. Life taking illnesses have become a common topic of discussion and also a part of everyday life. Cancer for an example has taken away and is eating numerous lives in each part of the world. Some term it as the deadliest and some feel themselves proud of having escaped it. But is Cancer only the worst? Let us get to know some diseases which are worse than Cancer.

On the top of our list is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome). AIDS makes sure it takes your away your life, whereas Cancer can be treated and life can be saved. As the name says once you get this virus your immune system deteriorates. It is transmitted during intercourse, sharing drugs, reusing needles, from a mother to the child at the time of birth. One has to be very careful once detected with AIDS by eating a healthy diet to maintain the immune system., quitting smoking, using condoms while copulating.



The next on our list is Diabetes and its siblings blood sugar, heart strokes, kidney problems. If this disease is in your genes, precaution and prevention is the best way to avoid it. Cancer comes as a surprise, but if you know diabetes is in your genes, it can be prevented. Diabetes eats away the body’s other organ’s too, and if not taken seriously, it is life-threatening, weakening the immune system, as compared to early cancer which is lenient in taking life. Reduced sleep levels, use of restrooms in shorter intervals, darkening of some skin areas are some of the symptoms of diabetes. A diabetic patient has to follow a strict diet plan, routine exercise, and take less of stress.


COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) stands third in taking the lives of citizens. If not taken seriously leads to lung cancer, which is life-threatening. Smokers are the major targets of this disease. Breathlessness, fatigue impacts the patient’s daily lives and routines. COPD affects one’s sleep leading to a sleep disease, namely obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), which deteriorates the health further due to reduced blood oxygen. COPD is an invited disease for smokers. One should take immediate measures and quit smoking by going to the rehabilitation center or start chewing nicotine chewing gum.


If you choose between death and embarrassment what would it be? The other way of asking the question would be Alzheimer’s or Cancer? One’s lifestyle and environmental factors from the age of mid 60’s might lead to failure of brain cells. Mental and memory loss affects the daily life of the patients. The body functions, but the brain does not, and one has to live with it, leading to the embarrassment of oneself and family members. With regular exercise, mental exercises, diet, quality sleep and less stress this illness can be prevented.


Our body is vulnerable and has to be taken care of. Simple and disciplined daily manners can help us prevent many diseases. Keeping your hands clean is the imperative of all. We should also keep in mind of our daily toilet activities as it can affect our health in general. Having clean and high-functioning toilet is the key. You might want to check out http://thebestflushingtoilet.com/toto-reviews/ for the best toilet you might want to consider. All kinds of communicable diseases can be prevented following this simple habit. If one quits smoking, you are indirectly making your body disease free. There is a saying prevention is better than cure. So, eat healthily and stay healthy.