The Second TV Ad

By Matt Larson

I am a Colorado native who was diagnosed with brain cancer in the spring of 2015, at the age of 35. I’m fighting brain cancer with everything I’ve got, and I’m so fortunate to have my loving wife Kelly supporting me. I’ve passionately taken on a second fight that is very important to us and so many Coloradans, advocating for the passage of the End-of-Life Options Act.

My advocacy efforts over the past several months are culminating in this TV ad for Prop 106, and I want to show it to you before it begins airing tomorrow.

I hope every Colorado voter sees this ad. My story is proof enough that there are real Coloradans who would immediately benefit from the passage of Prop 106. I know I’m not the only Coloradan with a terminal illness who has come forward to demand this option, and I’m proud to strengthen their voice with this ad.

Passing Prop 106 is an urgent matter. I am in the thick of my battle with brain cancer, and although I hope to never have to consider the option of medical aid in dying, it would bring me tremendous peace of mind to know it was available if needed. The opponents of Prop 106 are attempting to make the argument that this issue can wait for another year, and that even voters who support the general concept should oppose Prop 106 because it is designed incorrectly. Coloradans: Do not be fooled.

While the campaign has seen encouraging levels of support, the fight to pass Prop 106 will be fierce up until the final day. Not only that, but we simply can’t afford to waste this opportunity, because we may never have as good a chance to expand end-of-life options as right now. The stakes are high, not only for me, but for any Coloradan who believes that government should have a limited role in personal end-of-life decisions. Whether you’re for small government like me, or at the other end of the political spectrum, Prop 106 deserves your support. Providing a full range of end-of-life options to terminally ill people should not be a political issue.

So I ask you to please vote yes on Prop 106. A yes vote does not have to mean that you would use, or even consider the option for yourself, but rather supports giving terminally ill people the option to decide for themselves. As we enter the home stretch to Election Day, please consider supporting the campaign by volunteering or making a contribution so that we can translate our positive momentum into an overwhelming victory for compassion, freedom and self-determination. Thank you for voting Yes on 106.