How to Make A Dying Air Hockey Player’s Last Days Memorable

Every person fears death. Most of the time, the reason why people are scared of it isn’t that of the physical pain, but because of the emotional pain. If someone you love is dying, you think of the memories you’ve created with that person. It’s painful to think that you will never spend time again with somebody you love dearly. You are disheartened because you always keep in mind that your loved one might leave you anytime soon. While he’s still alive, why not use your last chance to show him your love?
Air hockey players provide fun, enjoyment, and excitement to a lot of people. Because of the intensity of the game, players become healthier and more fit if they play it regularly. But despite this, air hockey players are also humans, which means they are not excused from dying. Having provided the audience enjoyment, an air hockey player deserves a right of having a peaceful death. You can talk to your friends and family to come up with a plan to make the air hockey player’s last wishes come true.

You can arrange a small get-together event with the player’s relatives and friends. Organize a lunch or dinner during the weekend so that all the invited guests can arrive. Make sure to advise the guests one week prior to the event so they can lock their schedules. It’s important to reiterate to them the time and venue of the event, and remind them about it 3 days before. Doing this will surely make the dying air hockey player happy. It’s a good way to create new memories with him before he passes away.

Apart from the player’s loved ones, another great idea to make his last days more memorable is to set up a mini air hockey game to make him reminisce happy memories he made while he was in the industry. He devoted part of his life playing air hockey, and it has become his way of living and source of by Inviting his co-players for a friendly game will make him forget about his current condition and will give him pure bliss.

To make it more memorable for him, the materials you should use must be of high quality. He will certainly appreciate your efforts in doing it. He will think that you want the best for him, even in his last days. If you don’t have any idea on where to buy an air hockey table, you can buy it online from They offer great, high quality and tournament level air hockey tables. They have the right table for you, no matter how much your budget is Whether you plan to set-up your air hockey game indoor or outdoor, they all got it for you.

This sport is a great way to make his last days unforgettable because his family, friends, and co-players can spend some good time together while having fun. There’s no greater gift you could ever give than spending your time with him and letting him do his passion which is air hockey.