Most Talked About Death of Celebrities

For as long as humanity has existed, people have been looking for ways to express themselves. The need for self-expression is a unique aspect of the human condition. Expression is the way through which people can relate to other people and be relevant.

Humans express themselves through a variety of means of direct and indirect communication. An example of a direct method is the medium of talking. It is the indirect modes of communication which are more interesting.

Cultural expression is the most obvious form of indirect communication. It is done through the artistic mediums of singing, dancing, and acting. Given the importance and relevance of cultural forms of expression, those who are adept at the field are celebrated and lionized. People who are good musicians, singers, dancers or actors become celebrities who are widely admired by their huge fanbases.

Given the public’s love and affection for celebrities, many fans stay worried about their idol’s safety. They worry about the celebrity’s safety because their great fame exposes them to a greater number of people. If someone with nefarious intentions set their target on a celeb, they could come under great threat.

Even when celebrities die of natural causes, it is of great distress to their fans. For many fans, the death of their idol is just as severe as the loss of a pet or a family member. Many people might be confused that fans could have such a strong reaction to a person who they’ve never met. To understand their grief and bereavement, one first needs to understand how much the fans loved a celebrity. Many fans resonate with the content which great artists produce. Their work resonates with them on a deep emotional level, forming a close bond. This bond of love and appreciation than becomes just as important as any other deep and meaningful interpersonal relationship in the person’s life.

As much as people love celebs, they are mature enough to recognize that sometimes death is the only option. If their favorite artist is living his last days in great pain and suffering, many fans would agree that he deserves to be put out of his misery. Celebrities who are suffering from a painful terminal illness such as cancer deserve to have the option of euthanasia. Once euthanized, they will no longer be beholden to their decrepit physical condition. Their soul will become free to leave their body.

Of the celebrities who died in recent years, Elvis Presley’s demise strikes out as particularly interesting. Elvis Presley used to be the most famous and popular singer of his time. He is accredited for catapulting the rock .n. roll genre to mainstream fame. Years after his death, people still listen to his music. The circumstances of his death have long been scrutinized. There are many alternative theories that attempt to explain his demise. The one with the most traction and evidence is colloquially referred to as the Elvis Presley death toilet theory. The theory presents as evidence the fact that Elvis spent much of his final moments in the toilet and makes the argument that his toilet had toxic substances which fatally harmed Elvis and took his life.